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and Studies

Design, management and implementation of Research and Innovation Projects as well as Studies conducted on behalf of European Commission DGs or other Agencies and Institutions.

We build and participate in international consortia implementing Research and Innovation projects (under EU programmes such as FP6, FP7, H2020, COSMΕ, etc.), as well as policy studies on behalf of Directorates-General of the European Commission and other European Agencies and Institutions (in the framework of designing or evaluating European policies and actions).

Our services focus mainly on the: (i) design of news projects or studies along with the preparation of the respective proposals or bids, (ii) coordination and management of ongoing projects or studies, (iii) support of the exploitation of project results through the development of business models, business plans and feasibility studies, as well as the (iv) communication, promotion and dissemination of project activities and results at local, national and international level.

Some of our more niche areas of expertise include studies aimed at exploring and appreciating social entrepreneurship and the social economy at national and international level, foresight analyses to help shape the future of research and innovation, as well as studies to assess the socio-economic impact of different actions or programmes conducted on behalf of European and National Institutions as well as philanthropic organisations and NGOs in Greece and abroad.


Support of private or public organisations of different types and sizes to (re)design, implement, audit and accredit/ certify their management systems and processes.

Our integrated services include the elaboration of Organizational/ Reorganizational Studies as well as the development of Management Systems (e.g. Quality Management, Environmental Management, Food Safety, Accreditation of Laboratories and Inspection/ Certification Bodies, Occupational Health & Safety, Information Security, etc).

We are uniquely positioned to support organisations/ businesses/ labs operating in the public or private sector, regardless of their field or size, in order to achieve their accreditation/ certification/ compliance according to a diverse array of national, international and private standards and regulations (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, ISO 22000, GDPR, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, TISAX, ISO 13485, ISO 17025, ISO 17189 etc.).

To this end, we begin with an analysis of the current situation and proceed by elaborating the necessary documentation/ evidence base and training the customer’s personnel. Ultimately, we support and audit the implementation of Management Systems, both before as well as after achieving their accreditation/ certification/ compliance to assure conformity and continuous improvement in the long run (i.e. maintenance of Management Systems).

The Management Systems we develop do not simply focus on covering the requirements of the respective standards. They also aim at serving as meaningful “tools” that can be used in practice to facilitate management, control and continuous improvement. They are effective and flexible systems, properly customized to the needs and characteristics of each case at hand without unnecessary red tape.

Development –
Funding Programmes

Support services for businesses to make the most out of available funding and financing opportunities in order to bring their business and investment plans to life.

With our business development services we support enterprises operating in Greece (regardless of size and sector) to define their business and investment strategy as well as to effectively capture financial opportunities offered by suitable funding programmes.

We cover the entire spectrum of business needs when it comes to funding programmes. We:

  • Carefully analyse the current situation along with business needs and plans.
  • Inform and select suitable funding programmes that match business needs, highlighting the requirements and commitments that are implied by participating in each one.
  • Conduct pre-evaluations (whenever possible) to assess the chances of an application being successfully approved for funding, facilitating the decision-making process.
  • Support the design, flawless preparation and timely submission of the application for funding and closely monitor the evaluation process.
  • Support the management of approved projects with a view to ensuring the timely release of the funds in the minimum possible time, avoiding typical pitfalls and delays.

In addition, our services also include the elaboration of:

  • Business plans to properly steer the evidence-based definition of business strategies.
  • Feasibility studies and sensitivity analyses to support investment decision making.