Our Company

Photo showing 3 of our team members


Our Mission

The mission of Q-PLAN INTERNATIONAL is to serve as a vigorous cell of society.

Our journey begins from Thessaloniki, in 2000, as Q-PLAN North Greece. We build upon our team and keep improving, all while delivering value for each client and project in line with their unique needs. Along the way, we invest in trust, underpinning our relations with honesty and responsibly meeting our commitments. This is how we have developed an expanding network of selected collaborations at local, national and international level.

Photo showing another 3 of our team members


Our policy

The policy of Q-PLAN INTERNATIONAL is to add real value to our customers and stakeholders (shareholders, personnel, suppliers, collaborators as well as the society as a whole).

To this end, we commit and make every possible effort to:

  • Actively abide by our values in practice during our everyday work.
  • Build mutually beneficial and trusting relations with the market.
  • Achieve continuous and measurable improvement.
  • Provide all necessary resources along with an enabling infrastructure.
  • Deliver services tailored to the needs of each customer and project.
  • Retain highly skilled and well-trained personnel.
  • Align and focus our work towards a mutually successful course.

Core team

Our crew comprises of selected professionals who complement each other, enjoy being part of Q-PLAN INTERNATIONAL and do their best for our ARGO to sail onwards.

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