Scaling-up the involvement of women in supporting and accelerating market uptake of renewable energy sources for heating and cooling (GA No 952874)

Logo of the project "W4RES"

Funding Source

European Commission – Innovation and Networks Executive Agency


HORIZON 2020 – “Secure, clean and efficient energy”


November 2020 – October 2023 (36 months)

Total budget

2.999.658,75 €



Q-PLAN role

Project Coordinator

Contact person(s)

Mr. Ioannis Konstas, konstas@qplan-intl.gr



Women hold great potential as agents of change, facilitating the uptake of renewable energy in the EU, helping us progress faster towards our climate and energy targets for 2030 and ultimately, propelling the clean energy transition. W4RES aims at scaling-up the involvement of women in the market deployment and uptake of Renewable Heating and Cooling (RHC) solutions via replicable support measures tested and validated across 8 countries. To this end W4RES will monitor, evaluate and report all of our results, while at the same time employing them to fuel and coordinate multi-stakeholder debates, good practice exchanges and efforts at local, national and international level towards breaking down barriers and driving the gender-smart and inclusive market uptake of RES in heating and cooling.

More specifically, the partners will:

  • Assess regional specificities and frameworks at local, national and EU level to reveal factors that can hinder or enable the wider uptake of RHC in our target markets along with their gender dimension
  • Co-create, develop and fine-tune viable solutions for scaling-up the involvement of women in introducing, deploying and supporting the uptake of renewable energy in the heating and cooling market.
  • Deploy, test, co-evaluate and validate W4RES’ solutions, supporting RHC market uptake in diverse regional contexts, framework conditions and local heating and cooling markets across Europe.
  • Engage in multi-stakeholder cooperation, exchange knowledge and elaborate policy guidelines and recommendations for more informed policy, market support and financial frameworks.
  • Raise awareness and communicate the project and its results, while also planning and acting towards fostering their widespread adoption and sustainable exploitation in the long term.

Q-PLAN responsibilities

  • Project Coordination and Quality Management
  • Development and running the W4RES Observatory, coordination of the W4RES regional hubs and operation of the regional hub for Greece
  • Iterative development and fine-tuning of the gender-smart market uptake support solutions
  • Coordination with complementary initiatives and networks
  • Innovation management, exploitation and sustainability
  • Promotion of the project’s activities and findings through its wide national and European networks