Support the TRANSITION towards the BIOeconomy for a more sustainable future through communication, education and public engagement (GA No 101000539)

Logo of the project "Transition2Bio"

Funding Source

European Commission – Research Executive Agency


HORIZON 2020 – “Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine, maritime and inland water research and the bioeconomy”


January 2021 – December 2022 (24 months)

Total budget

999.031,25 €

Q-PLAN role


Contact person(s)

Ms Evangelia Tsagaraki,



The Transition2BIO project aims at promoting the bioeconomy at large through an integrated package of awareness-raising, public engagement and education activities, covering all bioeconomy areas, sectors and systems that use, produce, process or are driven by biological resources.

Transition2BIO, promoted by the founders of the European Bioeconomy Network (EUBioNet), will build upon the most relevant communication and education EU-funded projects and initiatives to contribute to the implementation of the updated 2018 EU Bioeconomy Strategy. It will:

  • Exploit and valorise available awareness raising, communication and education material, tools, databases, platforms, good practices, materials, etc. collected from at least 100 different sources.
  • Produce three toolkits tailored to the different target groups covering all bioeconomy sectors, namely DEMAND (citizens, consumers, B2B, young people, public procurers, etc.), SUPPLY (primary production, industries and SMEs, biorefineries, etc.), and MULTIPLIERS and SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT (citizens’ organisations, NGOs and other associations, brands, retailers, teachers, EU-funded projects and initiatives, influencers, media, policy makers, regional authorities, initiatives, networks, clusters, etc.).
  • Organise a wide range of awareness and public engagement activities reaching at least 30.000 citizens in 6 EU countries, as well as several ‘Hand-on Labs for Kids’, teacher training activities, two school competitions and co-creation workshops on the future skills for the bioeconomy.
  • Provide mentoring services to EU Member States and regions and offer them methodologies, tools and material to implement their bioeconomy awareness raising, communication and education activities.
  • Strengthen the European Bioeconomy Network to maximise its impacts and activities.

Owing to the extensive experiences of its partners in sectoral communication activities in all the bioeconomy sectors, Transition2BIO will help promote the transition towards a more sustainable production, consumption and lifestyle by implementing a series of activities addressing a wide range of target stakeholders.

Q-PLAN responsibilities

  • Contribution to the collection and analysis of the existing awareness raising, communication and education material, tools, databases, platforms, good practices, materials
  • Overall responsible for the awareness raising and engagement of young people in Greece (hands-on labs for kids, training the teachers activities and school competitions for kids and teenagers, large-scale exhibition, etc)
  • Overall responsible for the organisation of the capacity building activities towards the Members States and Regions
  • Contribution to the support activities towards the EuBioNet
  • Promotion of the project activities
  • Preparation of the project exploitation and sustainability plan