Technical Assistance to Generate Synergies with Members States and Regions (Clean-Hydrogen/OP/Contract 320)

Logo of the project "<strong>TA4H2Synergies</strong>"

Funding Source

European Commission - The Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking


January 2023 - March 2024 (14 months)

Total budget

225.060,00 €

Q-PLAN role


Contact person(s)

Nikolay Premyanov, premyanov@qplan-intl.gr



Hydrogen and fuel cells (FCH) will lead the energy transition and play a vital role in the creation of a new carbon free economy at national, regional, and European level. To take advantage of this potential we need coordination between top-down and bottom-up approaches. For this to be realised, synergies must be set up both between the macro (EU level) and micro-level entities (Member States and regions), namely between national and regional Managing Authorities and the Clean Hydrogen Partnership, and in between the micro-level entities themselves. This is where the project comes into play; in particular, it seeks to both generate a deep understanding of the hydrogen development situation in Europe, then engage at least 10 regional and national managing authorities to create specific cooperative work frames with the Clean Hydrogen Partnership aiming to support deployment and R&I of FCH technologies around Europe.

Q-PLAN responsibilities

  • The company leads the preparation and launch of a Call for Expression of Interest, designed to engage European Managing Authorities responsible for Hydrogen development.
  • Direct outreach across different scales to disseminate the Call directly to authorities and prepare authorities to develop specific work frames with the Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking.
  • Develop two-way collaboration on knowledge transfer between countries/regions and the Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking.
  • Facilitate the signing of Memorandums of Understanding between Managing Authorities and the Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking.
  • Explore further potential for synergies with other initiatives.