A collaborative and augmented-enabled ecosystem for increasing SATISfaction and working experience in smart FACTORY environments (GA No 636302)

Logo of the project "SatisFactory"

Funding Source

European Commission – DG Research and Innovation


HORIZON 2020 – “Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing”


January 2015 – December 2017 (36 months)

Total budget

4.024.712 €


Q-PLAN role




SatisFactory aimed to contribute to the transformation of traditional industrial environments using cutting-edge technologies in ways that are both productive and appealing to workers. The mission of the SatisFactory project was to provide solutions for context-aware control and re-adaptation of industrial production facilities for increased productivity and flexibility in use of shop floor resources. Data were collected by a network of smart sensors, processed by a centralized analysis system and ultimately redistributed to the concerned operatives via augmented reality glasses and other connected interfaces. The elaboration of a collaboration platform increased real-time knowledge sharing. Gamification approaches were implemented to improve the attractiveness of the assembly lines. Improved shop floor feedback enabled a better decision making for gains in productivity, workers wellbeing and comfort. This set of cutting-edge technologies provided labourers with real-time informational support for incident management, maintenance and training. The project’s solutions were demonstrated in three pilot factories in Italy and Greece, before their deployment in other large-scale industrial facilities in Europe.

Q-PLAN responsibilities

Leader of dissemination and communication, including actions such as organisation of events, production of communication material etc.