Responsible Research and Innovation Ecosystems at Regional Scale for Intelligent Cities, Transport and Energy (GA No 872526)

Logo of the project "RRI2SCALE"

Funding Source

European Commission - Research Executive Agency


HORIZON 2020 – “Science with and for Society”


January 2020 – December 2022 (36 months)

Total budget

1.999.775 €



Q-PLAN role


Contact person(s)

Dr. Margarita Angelidou, mangelidou@qplan-intl.gr



RRI2SCALE aims to support European Regional Authorities in developing and implementing successful regional Research and Innovation (R&I) policies that spearhead sustainable development and economic growth, while simultaneously advancing inclusiveness and quality of life. To this end, RRI2SCALE designs, implements and validates a robust methodological approach to assist the EU’s R&I authorities to effectively and sustainably promote the development and implementation of responsible and inclusive policies in the domains that citizens care for the most, namely intelligent cities, transport and energy as key drivers for regional sustainable development. Four EU Regions [Hordaland (NO), Overijssel (NL), Kriti (GR) and Galicia (ES)] are participating in the pilot activities of the project, toward developing more responsible R&I agendas.

Q-PLAN responsibilities

  • Identification of emerging territorial trends, drivers & potential impacts of future R&I
  • Validation of the techno-moral scenarios with several citizens and stakeholders
  • Synthesis of the knowledge, experiences and insights obtained through the project to assure the sustainability of the RRI2SCALE results
  • Monitoring of the participating regions’ progress towards addressing its regional dilemmas
  • Support of the design and implementation of the pilot activities of the Region of Crete.