Policy dialogue in ICT to an Upper level for Reinforced EU-EECA Cooperation (GA No 288279)

Logo of the project "PICTURE"

Funding Source

European Commission – DG INSFO


FP7 – “Information and Communication Technologies”


December 2011 – May 2014 (30 months)

Total budget

734.652 €



Q-PLAN role




PICTURE was a support action project aimed at supporting policy dialogue between the European Union and Eastern Europe – Central Asia (EECA) countries and at fostering research collaboration with EECA countries organizations in collaborative ICT R&D both under FP7 and under national/regional EECA programs.

PICTURE objectives were:

  1. To enrich and support the policy dialogue between EU and EECA countries, by updating and reinforcing points for convergence of the EU and EECA ICT research and relevant international initiatives and activities; by developing recommendations and roadmap, and by implementing pilot actions and exchanging experience and lessons learnt.
  2. To strengthen strategic partnerships and cooperative research links between European and EECA ICT organizations, e.g., though stronger involvement of IT diaspora and enhancing concrete cooperation initiatives.
  3. To facilitate interactions between EU and EECA ICT communities through organizations of joint events, and facilitate preparation of joint EU-EECA R&D projects.

To reach the objective of the project, the consortium:

  • Updated the EU-EECA ICT priorities for cooperation and provide an overview of the EECA ICT policy dialogue (priorities, actions, etc), currently existing in the region.
  • Enriched the Policy Dialogue process and meetings between the EU and EECA, encompassing findings from policy research and stakeholder views dealing with common R&D perspectives, priorities, opportunities and challenges.
  • Set up and operate 3 Working Groups (in 3 thematic areas) comprised on experts from both regions
  • Organised 3 workshops with ten working groups meetings, providing input and follow up.
  • Implemented pilot projects.
  • Recommended future co-operation initiatives.
  • Explored and recommended existing EECA programmes in order to open new perspectives for participation of the EU ICT teams.

Q-PLAN responsibilities

  • EU-funded technical assistance and institutional capacity building
  • Formation and operation of the three working groups
  • Survey of existing ICT policy dialogue activities between the EU and the EECA countries
  • Elaboration of a Roadmap (set of specific actions) for PICTURE support to ICT policy dialogue
  • Design concrete pilot actions to be implemented during the project life time preparing the ground for the establishment of long-term collaborations among EU and EECA research and industrial actors
  • Elaboration of a set of actions to be implemented beyond the project life time, based on the experience (lessons learnt) gained during project implementation
  • Elaboration of “Recommendations, Sustainability strategy and exploitation plan”
  • Development and operation of the project web portal and its tools