Making Progress and Economic enhancement a Reality for SMEs (GA No 245419)

Logo of the project "MaPEeR SME"

Funding Source

European Commission – DG Research and Innovation


FP7 – “Capacities”


October 2009 – September 2011 (24 months)

Total budget

1.874.915 €


Q-PLAN role




MaPEeR SME aimed to acquire a comprehensive insight into the design, implementation and impact of existing SME research and innovation support programmes and initiatives in the whole EU27 Member States (plus Bosnia Herzegovina). The scope was to create the Common Knowledge Base necessary and establish appropriate scientific advice and sustainable support mechanisms to assist the EC and national, regional policy makers to better define a strategy for future research and innovation actions in favour of SMEs in the European Research Area (ERA).

More specifically, MaPEeR SME project had the following objectives:

  • To provide a comprehensive, in-depth, horizontal and cross-sectoral analysis on (EU27) national & regional SME research programmes and initiatives in terms of their structure, implementation modalities, methodologies used and their impact.
  • To identify ‘end-users’ (SMEs & EU Stakeholders) needs and requirements to overcome barriers for getting into European and national / regional research & innovation support programmes.
  • To create synergies and initiate structured policy dialogue between the various players at EU and national, regional levels (DG RTD, REGIO, EAC and ENTR, along with national and regional level) through the European Experts Council on SMEs.
  • To provide a comprehensive, comparative analysis and recommendations for a new strategy and support measures that better address the needs of SMEs

MaPEeR SME also set-up and established appropriate and sustainable mechanisms to provide advice to the EC, the national and regional (EU27) policy makers and SME research programme managers (from S&T related Ministries, national & regional research agencies and intermediaries) as well as SME Stakeholders. For this scope MaPEeR SME established two main mechanisms:

  1. The ‘European Council on SMEs’. Among the main scope of the Council will be the following: (i) Definition of policies, (ii) Creation of strategic agendas and plans, (iii) Support to the EC and governments.

The ‘European BackOffice Service’. MaPEeR SME set up and run a permanent mechanism with up-to-date information on SME RTD policies / programmes at EC and EU27 level and provided permanent and comprehensive support services to EC policy makers and SME RTD programme managers, intermediaries and SME stakeholders.

Q-PLAN responsibilities

  • Finalisation of the scientific methodology
  • Overall responsible for the comprehensive, in-depth, horizontal and cross- sectoral analysis on programmes and initiatives that assist the collaboration between science and SMEs
  • Responsible for 4 South Eastern European Countries (Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria) for the elaboration of the respective national reports:
    – Mapping and analysis of more than 40 national / regional SME research programmes,
    – identification of key actors (policy makers, SME Groupings),
    – 4 cross-sectoral SME Needs Surveys,
    – more than 40 face-2-face interviews with key actors,
    – organisation of 8 national policy workshops / roundtables.
  • Set-up and run the “European BackOffice” Service. Provide comprehensive support services to EC policy makers and SME RTD programme managers, intermediaries and SME stakeholders on SME RTD policies / programmes at EC and EU27 level
  • Elaboration of the Draft and Final Comparative Analysis on EU27 SME RTD Policies / Programmes and Policy Recommendations