LMI in Lifelong Guidance Study

Labour Market Information in Lifelong Guidance study (Service Contract No 2014-0170/AO/RPA/PMDFON/ LMI_in_guidance/007/14)

Logo of the project "LMI in Lifelong Guidance Study"

Funding Source

CEDEFOP – European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training


December 2014 -February 2016 (15 months)

Total budget

177.333 €

Q-PLAN role

Lead Contractor



The general objective of the study was to and analyse the role of LMI in people’s careers through guidance and careers education based on an analysis of identify case studies and practices across Europe. More specifically, this study provided a comparative pan-European identification of strategies of LMI utilisation in career education and guidance and created an inventory of significant good practices of LMI delivery in career guidance. The study resulted in the development of two LMI toolkits: a practitioners’ LMI toolkit as well as a users’ LMI toolkit. The practitioners’ LMI toolkit includes information into the kind of labour market information and intelligence that are the most appropriate for career guidance or training regarding specific target-groups. The users’ LMI toolkit shows users what type of labour market information is the most relevant for enabling them to make successful study and career choices. Q-PLAN led the consortium of the study that consisted of Q-PLAN INTERNATIONAL and Wes Research and Strategy.

Q-PLAN responsibilities

  • Project management and coordination
  • Implementation of field visits with interviews, focus groups and observations to study good practices
  • Design, development and comparative analysis of good practice case studies
  • Elaboration of study conclusions and policy recommendations