Accelerating the sustainable production of advanced biofuels and RFNBOs – from feedstock to end-use (GA No 101118286)

Logo of the project "FUELPHORIA"

Funding Source

European Commission


HORIZON-CL5-2023-D3-02-08: Development of microalgae and/or direct solar fuel production and purification technologies for advanced aviation and /or shipping fuels


1 October 2023 - 30 September 2027 (48 months)

Total budget

11,288,027.50 €



Q-PLAN role

Innovation Manager

Contact person(s)

Ioannis Konstas, konstas@qplan-intl.gr



FUELPHORIA will set up and test a portfolio of nine complete value chains for advanced biofuels and renewable non-biological fuels at four locations in Belgium, Greece and Spain. The active involvement of all players along the value chains – feedstock suppliers, technology providers, and end-users – will help to demonstrate that different types of feedstock (CO2, digestate, urban biowaste) that can be converted into a series of renewable gas and liquid fuels suitable for transport and power production, offering an alternative to fossil fuels.

Project partners will also evaluate the environmental performance of the FUELPHORIA renewable fuels, design innovative business models to prepare their market entry, and explore their export potential through collaboration with Africa.

Q-PLAN responsibilities

  • Innovation Manager:
    • The design of the “Innovation Strategy” & the development of an “Exploitation & Sustainability Plan”
    • The development & validation of sustainable business models for the DEMOs’ Value Chains
    • The elaboration of respective business plans to guide viable operations beyond the end of the project