Improving the cirCUlarity of complex plastic multi-material composites using novel BIobased materials in B2B semi-finished produCts (GA 101111996)

Logo of the project "CUBIC"

Funding Source

Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking


HORIZON EUROPE- Τopic: Circular-by-design bio-based materials to improve the circularity of complex structures


1 September 2023 – 28 February 2027 (42 months)

Total budget

4,683,365.49 €


Q-PLAN role

Dissemination, Communication, and Exploitation Manager

Contact person(s)

Dimitra Kyriakopoulou,



CUBIC designs novel materials to obtain circular by design 100% biobased and recyclable thermoplastic and thermoset B2B intermediate products that permit the eco-design of complex products by adapting their intrinsic characteristics to novel unconventional manufacturing processes.

The novel approach, which CUBIC project relies on, is based on modularity or pre-fabrication, that is the development of high-tech biobased intermediate formats. The smart combination of these intermediates into a final end-product allows overcoming the current technical and environmental limitations to meet the demanding requirements of a specific sector/application where a single biobased material does not.

Two end-products or specific applications will be validated within CUBIC project: a) type IV H2 gas storage pressure Vessel, and b) automotive seat, which satisfy the technical and environmental requirements. The project demonstrates the de-manufacturing, recycling and valorisation of the components too.

The consortium, led by AIT, consists of 13 partners with complementary competencies: 6 industries, plus 6 RTO partners and 1 academia to give support to the companies in the consortium and to develop the main scientific and technological activities in the work plan. Countries involved are Spain, France, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy and Greece (8 in total).

Q-PLAN responsibilities

  • leader of the dissemination & communication plan and implementation
  • leader of exploitation and innovation management
  • leader of the business modelling & business planning tasks