Circular BIOeconomy TRANSFORMation for regions by enabling resource and governance networks GA No. 101081833

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Funding Source

European Commission




October 2022 – March 2025 (30 months)

Total budget

1,999,973.75 €

Q-PLAN role


Contact person(s)

Dr. Anna Chrysafi +30 2310 411 191,



BIOTRANSFORM provides European policymakers with an adequate assessment and policy development framework, knowledge base and expert support ecosystem to accelerate the transition from linear fossil-based systems to circular biobased systems. It is therefore operating at the interface between the circular economy and the bioeconomy transitions. In this way, BIOTRANSFORM equips policymakers with the tools to set informed priorities that serve environmental, economic, and social goals, being actionable, future-proof, and align with supply-and-demand trends in related industries and value chains.

The main objectives of the BIOTRANSFORM project are:

  • To support policymakers in enabling the transition from linear fossil-based value chains to circular bio-based systems across the EU while considering the environmental, economic and social impacts of such transitions.
  • To validate, compare, and optimise BIOTRANSFORM’s proposed assessment package with real actors from 6 case-study regions, as well as gathering and extrapolating results and insights for an EU wide validation.
  • To provide comprehensive governance guidelines and recommendations for policymakers that consider priorities in the transition towards circular bio-based systems and provide suitable financing guidance to go along the overall guidelines.

The BIOTRANSFORM consortium, led by VTT, consists of 10 partners across 8 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Luxemburg, and Spain). The consortium members are: Technical Research Center of Finland, Alchemia Nova, Luxemburg Institute of Science and Technology, Flemish Institute for Technological Research, Technological Corporation of Andalusia, Cluster of Bioeconomy and Environment of Western Macedonia, Cluster industrial biotechnology, BIOEAST HUB, Association of Cities and Regions for sustainable Resource management, and Q-Plan International Advisors PC.

Q-PLAN responsibilities

  • Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Work Package Leader
  • Task Leader for:
    • Dissemination and Communication
    • Exploitation, replication and innovation management
    • Evaluation of the limits of current linear fossil-based economic systems
    • Data management plan