Tech Tour InnORBIT Space Track (1st Pilot Round)

The InnORBIT project, coordinated by Q-PLAN, is organizing its 1st Space Track in October!

It is designed to bring high potential and investment-ready start-ups, scale-ups and entrepreneurs in space industry, coming from Southeastern and Central Eastern European countries with potential mentors, business partners, customers and European investors to boost their investment readiness and build relationships.

Tech Tour Global, the organiser of the Space Track has a large experience in investment and is well-connected with the European ecosystem of investors.

Check here for more details!

Register now by submitting your application and an up-to-date presentation, and be part of an erupting Space Tech community in Eastern Europe. 

Space Track Timeline:

Application Deadline: 23 September (extended)

Selection Reviews: 16-23 September

Company Selection Announced: 26 September

Online Academy (Dry-run for entrepreneurs): 18 October

Online Pitching Sessions: 25 October Visit InnORBIT’s website to subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date with more of our stories! If you are new to InnORBIT, you can also read our previous issues.