R-Map: A new Horizon Europe project kicked-off!

Q-PLAN INTERNATIONAL participated in the Kick-Off meeting of the newly launched R-Map Project, in Thessaloniki, Greece, on February 12-13, 2024 in Thessaloniki, Greece

R-Map is a groundbreaking Horizon Europe research project that aims at exploring the transformative impacts of remote work on urban-rural dynamics in Europe! It will analyse the impact of remote working arrangements (RWAs) on the disparities between urban and rural regions in Europe, while addressing the role and the needs of policymakers, employers, workers, researchers, and civil society.

To assist both urban and rural areas in seizing the opportunities and coping with the challenges brought by remote work, R-Map will develop the “R-Map model” for assessing individual, social, economic, environmental and spatial impacts of RWAs in EU regions, as well as a visualization platform providing interactive services useful for decision-makers.

The project will analyse current trends in remote work and use scenarios to predict its future effects in six example situations across Europe, including regions in  Greece,  the United Kingdom, Italy, Turkey, the Netherlands-Germany (cross-border case), and Austria-Switzerland (cross-border case).

Finally, R-Map will suggest policies to help local governments support remote work effectively in both urban and rural areas.