InnoRate 5th Consortium Meeting

On February 4, InnoRate had its 5th Consortium Meeting that marked the beginning of the third and last year of the project. In the online meeting we had the opportunity to meet with our Project Officer, Andres Alvarez Fernandez to discuss the current status next steps of the project.

After two years, a big part of our work is complete. The InnoRate platform became available to SMEs, startups investors, innovation intermediaries, technology transfer offices and matchmaking firms that had the opportunity to test it for the first time during our first pilot round. The consortium’s discussion revolved around some of the main outcomes achieved from our work so far and focused on how we can improve the InnoRate platform and ensure wider participation of geographically SMEs and investors to it.

The discussion kicked-off with Ernst & Young presenting the work that has been done on the InnoRate Technology Rating System (ITRS) and its sensitivity to the users’ feedback. Ontotext followed with a demonstration of the platform showcasing the improvements that have been made based on users feedback. Then, TechTour and EBN presented the events organised in the frame of the pilot testing activities. This work included a series of investment readiness and matchmaking fora as well as e-pitches, that will continue dynamically in this term for the SMEs of the platform throughout the last year. Next, Q-PLAN, presented the plan to refine the business models for Innorate based on the feedback that will be generated from the users in this final pilot round. Finally, White-Research presented its forthcoming plan to bring together the project’s outcome into a concrete set of recommendations that SME associations and policymakers can use, to spur innovation and showcased the progress on social media.

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