BioGov.net: General Assembly meeting

Q-Plan International participated in the BioGov.net General Assembly meeting, in the presence all project partners, on the 4th of October. Partners had the chance to meet each other in Brussels during a ‘green’ meeting, with no more than two participants per partner contributing to the r reduction of air pollution while travelling.

During the meeting, partners had a fruitful discussion about the ambition, the impact and the uniqueness of BioGov.net project. Furthermore, they pointed outthe role of regional Innovation Groups and international Innovation Board.

Work Package Leaders discussed on methodological approach of regional data collection in bioeconomy and agreed on next steps for the following semester that relate to:

  • Local Communities of Practice and event formats
  • Integration and contribution from the humanities/art/design/culture into bioeconomy/bio-based economy sectors and educational activities
  • Communication and Dissemination activities
  • Exploitation plan

Βy the end of the meeting, the consortium took important decisions regarding the future of BioGov.net project implementation.