BioGov.net Co-Design workshop “Educational pathways in Bioeconomy – Needs of learners regarding training in bioeconomy”

Q-PLAN International organised the first Co-Design workshop at OK!Thess in Thessaloniki, Greece, as part of BioGov.net project on October, 18th.

The Co-Desing workshop focused on the needs of learners, as expressed by educators and mentors, to develop guidelines for education based on expressed needs.

The workshop utilised the effective “Mind map” tool, derived from the Design Thinking methodology, allowing the regional CoP members to visually structure their thoughts and concepts within given sub-themes (education goals, motives, most appropriate training approaches, most frequent skills needed in Bioeconomy Job Profiles).

Q-PLAN International, as facilitator, led the CoP through co-designing guidelines to create education pathways for bioeconomy jobs.

For more info about the project click here: https://www.biogov.net/