BioGov.net Co-Design workshop “Educational Pathways in Bioeconomy-Directions for training providers and decision-makers”

On November 7th, Q-PLAN International marked a significant milestone in shaping the future of adult education in the bioeconomy, as part of the BioGov.net project.

The 2nd Co-Design workshop, held at OK!Thess in Thessaloniki, Greece, focused on mapping out the path for training providers and decision-makers to enhance bioeconomy education. Employing the “Mind map” tool, the team encouraged regional CoP members to visually organize their ideas on key sub-themes, such as learning objectives, education types, tools, and skill gaps. The “Break and Build Ideas” tool guided participants in envisioning essential actions for policymakers. Additionally, the CoP explored the potential of art and creativity in adult bioeconomy education and co-designed guidelines to pave the way for future programs.

For more info about the project click here: https://www.biogov.net/

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey towards a brighter, more educated bioeconomy future!