BIO4AFRICA: Report on novel bio-based value chains and markets analysis

BIO4AFRICA has completed the novel bio-based value chains and markets analysis, that gives a perspective of the prospective markets in which the outputs of the BIO4AFRICA project via the pilot cases of the project in Uganda, Ghana, Cote D’ Ivoire and Senegal target, will be implemented. The methodology followed has been based on the Five Cs marketing analysis and the Porter’s Five Forces competitive analysis framework. Information about relevant markets structure, conduct and performance that have been accumulated through desk research were validated through a series of four Market Scenario Workshops (1 in each focal African country of BIO4AFRICA) and 28 interviews with experts and relevant stakeholders.

Overall, all BIO4AFRICA technologies and outputs constitute potential novel business solutions that the local populations are not familiar with due to their innovative character but answer to basic local needs. Green biorefinery and some of the intended biochar uses are new to the focus countries. The level of competition in all relevant market segments is low, as well as the threat of new entrants and the BIO4AFRICA outputs provide significant opportunities for income diversification, through fit to the local context implementation schemes.

08/06/2022, P. Tsolakidis, E. Tsagaraki