BIO4AFRICA: Implementation of the 4th project meeting of BIO4AFRICA in France

The 4th project meeting of “BIO4AFRICA”, held in Montpelier, France, is coming to an end today. Participants came from all over Africa and Europe and many had the opportunity to attend online.

The meeting began on Wednesday, February 1st, with the presentation of the project “Work Packages”. During the two-day presentation, the project activities and the challenges for the upcoming period were thoroughly discussed. The 2nd day was concluded with a visit to the laboratories of @CIRAD;

Today, the third and final day of the event, is dedicated to visiting @RAGT premises, the laboratories in Albi and the research centre site in Rodez (Druelle and Promash).

You can find more information about our project here: https://www.bio4africa.eu/

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