AGIMUS successfully completed its 2nd Project Meeting

AGIMUS is pleased to announce the successful completion of its 2nd project meeting, held on April 25 and 26 2023, at the premises of CIIRC CTU & THIMM Obaly in Prague.

The meeting focused on AGIMUS’ progress in task and motion optimization, offline training techniques and the design of industrial pilot case studies. The team also dedicated time to discuss the necessary upgrades that TIAGo, the project’s robot, must undergo to meet the requirements of the case studies. Additionally, three research talks were delivered, focusing on Differentiable Physics, the TIAGo robot and Visual MPC, providing valuable insights.

The meeting proved to be highly productive, allowing the partners to collaborate and decide future actions. The consortium also had the opportunity to visit CIIRC’s Testing Zone and THIMM’s Industrial Pilot, further enhancing its understanding on the associated challenges.