Open Day at the American Farm School

As part of the local events of the agroBRIDGES project, Q-PLAN organised an Open Day event in collaboration with the American Farm School of Thessaloniki, on 11th March 2023. Local consumers and their families were invited to visit the educational farm of the American Farm School and learn about the farm’s activities and products.

We walked around the farm, visited the farm’s dairy unit, and learned about their new dairy products, such as the milk with special nutritional characteristics for a good night’s sleep and the gourmet cheese. We saw small educational plots, which are cultivated with vegetables by students from the primary school. We also visited the campus store, where we had the chance to buy some of the farm’s products, such as milk, cheese and eggs. At the end of the walk, we were gathered at the campus restaurant and had the chance to taste home-made dishes made with the farm’s products.

With the participation of 60 people, including children, the event proved to be a very successful way of bringing people closer to the farm’s activities while enjoying a great day out with the family!