CUES: A new Horizon Europe project just kicked off!

CUES is a revolutionary project funded by the European Union, that just started its journey to revolutionize food consumption towards more sustainable patterns by fostering a ‘Triple Change’ in culture, food value chain, and policy. The project’s kick-off meeting took place from March 7th to 8th, 2024, in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

CUES sets to foster a Triple Change in culture, food value chain, and policy through co-designing scientific methods and approaches to transmit and present sustainability related information to guide consumer knowledge and behaviour, and to determine the persuasive cues to promote sustainable consumer behaviour most effectively. CUES will develop nine interventions and a series of policy dialogues through a multi-actor participatory approach.

The official start of the project was accompanied by the organization of the Symposium “CUES in Action: Shaping the Future of Food with Cutting-Edge Research and Sustainable Practices” on 8th of March to introduce the project to the wider public. The Symposium was framed by enlightening presentations and discussions on Food Sustainability, Sustainable Food Systems, and Sustainable Eating. From revolutionary research to sustainable practices, this symposium was a unique chance to be part of shaping the future of our global food landscape.

The CUES consortium, led by Erasmus University of Rotterdam, consists of 21 partners across 8 European countries (Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Croatia, Iceland, Portugal, and Greece).