Business Development

We provide comprehensive business development services to enterprises from the private sector. These services focus both on providing support for the exploitation of prospective funding opportunities, as well as on facilitating the business strategy formulation process and carefully monitoring its implementation.

  • Briefing on the available funding opportunities (national and European).
  • Review of the unique investment / research needs of the client and support for the selection of the most suitable financing tools.
  • Support for effectively planning and preparing the respective proposal-studies, according to the precise characteristics and requirements of each funding programme.
  • Constant follow-up of the course of evaluation of the submitted proposals-studies and timely submission of all the on-demand clarifications and / or additional elements on an ad hoc basis.
  • Management of approved projects to ensure their seamless and unhindered implementation and the timely reception of the public funding.
  • Elaboration of business plans and monitoring of their effective implementation.
  • Development of feasibility studies / investments plans (to support the decision making process, facilitate access to finance, etc.).

With respect to funding programmes we emphasize on rigorous pre-evaluation, so as to ensure the highest chances of success. It is no coincidence that in every funding programme the success rate of Q-PLAN INTERNATIONAL exceeds the respective total rate of the programme.

qplanBusiness Development