Assessing the Impact Pathways of IA/RIA SC5 Projects through the Use of Portfolio Analysis (GA No 869746)

Funding Source
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Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME)
H2020-SC5-2019 – Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials
November 2019 – October 2020 (12 months)
600,000.00 €
Ms Foteini Psarra,  +30 2310 411 191


The IMPACT-SC5 project aims at assessing the impacts of the 87 RIA and IA projects funded under the SC5 Work Programme 2014-15. To do so, IMPACT-SC5 consortium will employ a multilevel analysis, starting at project (participant) level and completed by portfolio, network and context analyses. This rigorous methodology will enable the project partners to capture the various (intended and unintended) impacts of projects and groups of projects.

The scientific, economic and societal/environmental performance of the 87 RIA and IA projects under the SC5 Work Programme 2014-15 will be measured by means of a well-designed set of indicators. A portfolio analysis will complement the project-level analysis in order to determine how projects perform together in relation to different objectives. Overall, IMPACT-SC5 explores how impacts come together, i.e. the SC5 impact pathways, identifies good practices and draw recommendations for policymakers and potential EU research funding beneficiaries to increase the impacts of future SC5 projects. Particular attention is paid to the broad and changing policy contexts to ensure a holistic approach for a better understanding of the performance (and the underlying factors) of the 87 projects.

Last but not least, throughout the project, stakeholder engagement will be strongly fostered towards accomplishing a greater visibility and extroversion of the project’s results.  To this end, four national and one European stakeholder co-creation events (Belgium, Finland, Greece, and Spain) to validate the concepts and indicators developed and co-create policy recommendations.

Q-PLAN responsibilities

  • Leader of WP2 – Collection of information on projects and statistical analysis
    • Design and implementation of an individualised online survey to collect information on the impacts of the 87 projects under scrutiny;
    • Design and administration of targeted interviews with the coordinators of the 87 projects as well as selected project partners;
    • statistical analysis of all quantitative and qualitative data collected to serve the overall assessment of the projects.
  • Extraction of policy recommendations on national and European level to facilitate the enhancement of SC5 impacts’ diffusion and uptake;
  • Responsible for the organisation of the Greek co-creation and validation workshop to validate the developed concepts and indicators and the co-creation with national stakeholders of policy recommendation;
  • Development and maintenance of a dedicated online platform for the project;
  • Participation and performance of awareness raising activities and dissemination of the project’s results through national and EU-wide connections and networks.
qplanAssessing the Impact Pathways of IA/RIA SC5 Projects through the Use of Portfolio Analysis